About Us

What is MBG Restoring?

MBG Restoring started in the spring of 2015. Maeson (owner) originally created a small solution to repair his shoes. His goal was that everytime he wore them they looked brand new. He just happened to be good at what he did and decided to start his own business. Since 2015, MBG Restoring LLC has took care of over 1,500+ pairs of shoes ranging from boots to sneakers to even dress shoes. Clients range from local residents, resellers, lawyers, highschool, college, semi pro and pro athletes, business agents, and many more people! In 2017, MBG Restoring has expanded their business into the resell game. Buying and selling shoes is a huge asset to MBG Restoring. Maeson (owner) emphasizes how he wants everyone to “eat” and that he isn’t in this business to “wax and tax” others. February 2020, MBG Restoring LLC announced their expansion to Relaced. An online store and valley pop up shop that will take restoration orders, sneaker orders, and streetwear and vintage clothing orders.

As of July 2020, Maeson signed a lease at 3622 Belmont Ave Ste 3 Youngstown Ohio 44505 to launch his project "Relaced" a boutique that features premium restorations, exclusive sneakers, and fashion. After 5 months of renovations Relaced had their grand opening on Black Friday of 2020.